Dyno Nobel

Dyno Nobel

  • Stand: H19

We know the explosives industry and were driving new ways of thinking. Our history is connected to nearly every significant breakthrough in explosives technology. Today, we continue a tradition of safety and practical innovation. We provide premium explosives products and blasting services, which combine to deliver ground breaking performance for our customers. With an emphasis on customer collaboration and safety, this wealth of explosives expertise is embedded in more than 3,000 employees working around the globe. Blasting is the first step to extracting the minerals that are essential to many of the products and resources essential for making people's lives better. Our culture fosters open lines of communication, encourages good working relationships and cultivates a positive work environment where everyone can grow and succeed. This is carried through to our customer relationships as we strive to exceed expectations, deliver value and get the best possible results for our customers. We develop practical and reliable solutions anticipating the future as a reliable, collaborative partner. One of our most recent innovations called Differential Energy is a testament to our culture as it makes waves across the industry. Following proven success in the US, Dyno Nobel has officially rolled out this industry leading technology to some major Western Australian mine sites with further testing and site conversions to follow. This has the potential to deliver our customers cost savings associated with optimised energy distribution in blasts requiring less drilling, higher productivity rates and efficient downstream processing. It is also expected to reduce environmental impacts with zero toxic fume events to date. To find out how we can help you get better blasting results, visit dynonobel.com or get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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