Flottweg Separation Technology

Flottweg Separation Technology

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Flottweg is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of industrial centrifuges for solid-liquid separation.  For over 60 years, our technology has supported our clients in maximizing their profit by increasing their yields with highly efficient separation solutions.  100% made in Germany, with over 11,000 machines installed, Flottweg equipment delivers the highest possible performance & reliability with lowest lifecycle cost.  

Flottweg Australia Pty. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flottweg SE and is based in Sydney for sales and service of all Flottweg machines in Australia.

Mining and Minerals Processing solutions include:

Tailings slurry dewatering  with solids dryness to spadeable, stackable consistency and with capture rate to >99.9% allowing recovery of high quality water for re-use

Hydrometallurgical Processing separations (2 phase and 3 phase)

Ultra-fine coal recovery

Solvent Extraction: Recovery

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