Flottweg Separation Technology

Flottweg Separation Technology

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Flottweg is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of industrial centrifuges for solid-liquid separation. For over 60 years, our technology has supported our clients in maximizing their profit by increasing their yields with highly efficient separation solutions. 100% made in Germany, with over 11,000 machines installed, Flottweg equipment delivers the highest possible performance & reliability with lowest lifecycle cost. Flottweg Australia Pty. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flottweg SE and is based in Sydney for sales and service of all Flottweg machines in Australia. Mining and Minerals Processing solutions include: Tailings slurry dewatering with solids dryness to spadeable, stackable consistency and with capture rate to >99.9% allowing recovery of high quality water for re-use Hydrometallurgical Processing separations (2 phase and 3 phase) Ultra-fine coal recovery Solvent Extraction: Recovery of high value organic solvent from SX crud (Ex zone 2 or zone 1 gastight machines) Separation of all types of slurries including Drilling & Tunnelling mud, Sand washing, Wastewater sludge Recovery of hydrocarbons from oil sludge Flottweg also offers complete containerised or skid mounted centrifuge systems for rental or purchase from small pilot sizes up to large full scale ~180 m3/Hr or 50+ Tonnes/Hr DS feeds. Flottweg SE has over 1000 employees globally with wholly owned subsidiary sales and service companies in USA, Russia, France, Italy, Poland, China, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Australia and representative agencies in most other countries worldwide. The origins of the company date back to 1911 when engineer, aviator and entrepreneur Gustav Otto (son of the Nikolaus Otto who patented the first four-stroke petrol engine), founded an aircraft factory in Munich. The company subsequently manufactured motorcycles, aircraft parts and precision parts for the printing industry before developing its first decanter centrifuge in the 1950s. Since then, Engineering, the passion for technology and a goal to set new benchmarks has allowed Flottweg to develop many of innovations which differentiate our equipment and provide our customers with outstanding solutions within their processes.

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