Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering


Furnace Engineering Pty Ltd is a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of heat processing equipment for research, metallurgical, engineering and industrial manufacturing industries.  We provide heat processing solutions.  Our technical capabilities encompass a wide range of heat processing plants, laboratory equipment, industrial ovens, heat treatment and melting furnaces and induction furnaces.  Founded in 1968, Furnace Engineering has grown steadily to become a leader in its field, with its office and factory premises (3,200 m2) in Notting Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, covering the full range of technical and administrative functions.  These include engineering, procurement, project management and manufacturing together with technical sales staff, field service and spare parts.  The company has a strong commitment to overseas customers and has carried out a large number of export contracts in South-East Asia, China, Africa, Europe and USA.  From its beginnings supporting the mining, smelting and steel-making industries, it has considerably extended its range of capability and technology, notably now for high temperature atmosphere furnaces and composite curing ovens for the carbon fibre industry, gas conditioning equipment, plus a very broad range of industrial ovens and lower temperature processes. The company specialises in assisting customers to develop novel processes from the research stage to full production, with testing and simulation facilities to prove out customers’ concept processes.   We are located at:  Melbourne – 50 Howleys Road, Notting Hill and  Sydney – Unit 7, 4 Abbott Road, Seven Hills.

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