About Hexagon As energy costs fluctuate, high-grade ores become scarcer, and profit margins tighten, productive mines recognize that technology is essential to their success. Those same mines are under immense pressure to cut costs while improving safety. Adopting best practices and a digital strategy early in a projects life can reduce the complexity and length of time required to identify, validate and develop potential reserves into thriving long-term mining operations. Connecting all parts of a mine with technologies that make sense of data in real time is a proven approach to sustaining success. Hexagon recognizes that a mines competitive edge depends on integrating, automating, and optimizing critical workflows for a life-of-mine solution. Rio Tinto, (Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia) PT Freeport, (Grasberg, Indonesia) Boggabri Coal, (NSW, Australia) Macmahon, (WA, Australia) and Ausdrill have all recently responded to Hexagons message of digital transformation, opting in to the companys broad range of integrated life-of-mine solutions. Safer fleet management: Drivers seen and heard Mine vehicle operators face numerous distractions. Busy pit traffic, blind spots, poor visibility because of bad weather, fatigue and the monotony of a 12-hour shift can all conspire to divert a driver from their task. The last thing an operator needs on top of all that is a cabin cluttered with display panels. In keeping with its commitment to help mines with a digitally integrated strategy, Hexagon now embeds collision avoidance technology into its fleet management system: one solution that allows heavy and light vehicles to be seen and heard, no matter their location in a mine. The integration means an improved user experience, greater oversight for dispatchers, and quicker communication of vital safety and operations data. Client demand for data about safety incidents and their effect on productivity, contributed to Hexagons release of a consolidated system. It makes sense for safety and operations data to be in a single repository. Now customers can quickly make sense of that data for greater insight into how operator behavior, environmental conditions, and road conditions affect mine safety and productivity. The safety portfolio was further enhanced in November with the release of HxGN MineEnterprise CAS Analytics, a web-based reporting and analytics platform. Clearer communication underground As mines push deeper beneath the surface for deposits, the need for better communication and collaboration increases. Complexities that may be easier to overcome above ground require specific domain expertise and customised solutions below. Hexagon recently introduced HxGN MineOperate UG Pro to manage underground fleet equipment and broadcast time-utilisation information the instant its needed in remote areas deep below the surface. UG Pro monitors task-level activities, updating miner and machine workflows in real-time as the mine develops and produces ore. Developed specifically for mines lacking data networks underground, UG Pro optimises efficiency using tablets that store and forward critical information between supervisors and workers via network access points. Within the labyrinth of a commercial operation, digitalising all complex and simple mining tasks keeps data flowing. Visibility from mobile application dashboards ensures confidence in location and schedule adherence. Shaping smart change: A life-of-mine partnership Hexagons Mining division brings surveying, design, fleet management, production optimization, and collision avoidance together in a life-of-mine solution that connects people and processes. Our customers are safer, more productive, and can make sense of their data. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, with offices worldwide, the Mining division is shaping smart change by helping to connect all parts of a mine with technologies that make sense of data in real time. Driven by professionals for professionals, our solutions are tailored to your needs and delivered on your terms short term, long term, for the life of your mine. hexagonmining.com

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