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Interchem is an Australian supplier of specialty chemicals, intermediates and raw materials for a broad range of industrial applications, from mining to plastics, surface coatings, and aviation to pharmaceutical.  Interchem Pty Ltd was founded in 1992 by owners Ken Lardner and John Sewell. As business partners for over 32 years they successfully operated Chemical and Petroleum Industries until its acquisition by Pennzoil USA in 1989.  This considerable business and industry experience has provided competitive foundations in which to build a respectable portfolio of specialty chemicals. Today, Interchem is a highly reliable ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, dedicated to the importation, sale and distribution of a wide range of chemical raw materials and specialties into the Australian and overseas markets, and is an approved supplier to the Department of Defence and various mining companies.

Based in Melbourne, our company represents a number of leading chemical producers from around the world and draws on its own strong synthesis and technical capabilities and significant supply chain networks to support our customers in meeting their needs.  Our diversity is our strength, our motivation is to continually source new and improved products to better service our markets and geographical regions.  This allows Interchem to provide a dependable and proven range of mining reagents, from solid and bulk liquid commodities, through to more specialised, tailored products for supply to a large customer base in the Australian, PNG and ASEAN mining regions.  In the Australian mining sector, Interchem combines strong and reliable supply logistics chains, technical (metallurgical) service, continuous improvement initiatives, stringent quality control and contingency planning, to currently manage the un-interrupted supply of over 4,000 metric tonnes of mining reagents across 25 mining operations.  

Interchem’s key end markets include the supply of chemicals for mineral beneficiation in the gold, base and industrial metals, precious metal, mineral sands and coal mining operations.  Specialising in flotation and hydrometallurgy reagents, Interchem works with key global chemical manufacturing partners and our customers to provide tailored solutions and improve a mine’s metallurgical recovery and mineral concentrate grade (product quality), while always providing first class support.  Interchem’s capability also extends to other areas in the mining sector, including the availability of dispersants, depressants, activated carbon, dust suppression technology, wire rope maintenance lubricants and specialist greases and lubricants for machinery, and selected water treatment reagents. 

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