Kinder Australia

Kinder Australia

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Kinder Australia delivers excellence in the bulk solids materials handling industries.

ISO 9001:2015 accredited, Kinder Australia is well recognised as a leading independent supplier and manufacturer of innovative and practical solutions to improve and maintain the running efficiency of conveyor and bulk materials handling equipment used to convey a variety of products. This includes ore, quarried products and coal. Kinder Australia has an intimate understanding of all heavy process industries. Daily contact with maintenance, planning and procurement specialists keeps every member of their team tuned in to customer specific needs. With an unlimited global reach and reliable business partners, Kinder Australia is a “Can Do” company that listens to problems and then focuses on the most practical, safe, high quality and cost-effective solutions.

At the heart of Kinder Australia are their highly experienced and passionate team members. Their field applications and mechanical engineering staff are technically trained and experienced in all aspects of conveyor and bulk materials handling engineering. The team is fully focused on advancing our customers end-to-end handling processes by utilising their broad industry experience and expert engineering knowledge of emerging technologies, with productivity and safety at the core! Their practical knowledge and installation experience have a global reach with extensive customer networks at international, national and local locations; this enables the team to listen and understand customers’ requests and make recommendations with confidence. Empowered with the foundations of Engineering Qualifications (Mechanical, Aeronautical, Electrical and Chemical) and proficiency with Conveyor Engineering/Design skills, Kinder Australia’s Engineering Team are specialists when handling complex problems with excellent precision and execution.

Kinder Australia have a comprehensive range of both online and tangible resources, which set them apart from the rest. From mobile showroom demo trailers which allow Kinder to demonstrate directly to their customers, to comprehensive websites, Kinder Australia can reach audiences worldwide and share their expertise.
In 2019 Kinder Australia launched their International APAC Website; a significant milestone strategic to the company's global expansion plans. It's also in a response to the growing demands and opportunities presented by the Asia Pacific mining & extraction industries. The embarkment into the Asia Pacific region is supported by the company's 3000m2 state-of-the-art warehouse facility, housing over 8,000 conveyor hardware components and accessories. Kinder has established a solid Distributor network in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Reseller network in Thailand. Kinder Australia’s High Capacity / Speed Conveyor Solutions range handle any conveyor belt speed and tonnage. KICOMP High Speed Impact Bars were installed in First Quantum Minerals Limited, Panama with very positive feedback. Their comprehensive range of conveyor belt components, safety/environment and flow & anti-wear solutions products have also been favourably installed within countless diverse Mining and other bulk materials handling industries across the globe.

With the latest technology virtual platforms at their disposal, the Kinder Australia can work with both local and international operations to diagnose conveyor problems and work towards making positive productivity improvements and outcomes to these operations.

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