Loadscan is the innovative New Zealand company that is pioneering volumetric measurement and payload scanning systems. The Loadscan load management system delivers insightful data, including 3D load profiles, effortlessly from a single drive-through scan. It is a cost effective, highly accurate alternative to traditional weigh scales, loader bucket counting, or on-board scales. Loadscan is applicable to any industry where bulk material is moved. Global demand for this technological advancement is skyrocketing with the mining, bark and mulch, civil construction, sand/gravel pits and quarrying industries leading the charge. Loadscan's customers credit the solution's accuracy (Loadscan is proven accurate to plus or minus 1%) and convenience for increasing their profits and operational efficiency. Mining operations are seeing a 15% increase in their trucking factors. Mulch producers have reported increased business off the back of being able to guarantee supply volumes. Borrow pits are easily tracking and managing multiple contracts simultaneously. And haulage companies are using real-time data from 3D images to optimize truck loading and train loader operators and dump truck drivers.

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