METS Ignited

METS Ignited

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METS Ignited is the Industry Growth Centre - for Mining Equipment, Technology and Services, funded by the Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.  

The role of the Industry Growth Centres is to accelerate the commercialisation of innovation, to enhance industry skills & capabilities, and to grow exports - in areas where Australia has a proven competitive advantage. 

Australia’s METS sector is recognised world-leader in innovation and technology, delivering the safety, environmental and productivity outcomes, that sustain their global resources sector. 

METS Ignited is focussed on the local commercialisation of these technologies, not only for the mining industry but for the benefit of all industry sectors.

METS Ignited also supports the various industry and research associations, orchestrating their activities, promoting and co-ordinating the delivery of their various programs across the sector. 

As a global leader, the success of Australia’s METS companies has created more highly skilled jobs, and expanded the local economic contribution of Australia’s leading technology sector.

METS Ignited is working to ensure that they have the skills and technology to remain safe, to be sustainable, and that we commercialise their sector’s innovative solutions, so they can continue deliver on society’s future resources needs.

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