Mining3 is a world-leading research organisation, directed by its global mining industry members to develop and deliver transformational technology to improve the productivity, sustainability, and safety of the mining industry.

Our world-class researchers and engineers develop tangible solutions to industry-identified challenges using both fundamental and applied research, while leveraging our extensive history and acquired knowledge.

By bringing industry and research expertise together, we collaboratively accelerate the delivery of real-world solutions from our research, ensuring they are available to the market as rapidly and effectively as possible.

We are a unique entity with a significant advantage over our competitors as a result of our:

Collaboration with mining companies, researchers and mining services providers
Scalability of operations globally
Acceleration of innovations to market
More than 27 years of experience in delivering new technologies
Highly-skilled industry specialists and researchers in mining and technology
Impacts and Outcomes
Since 1991, Mining3 has developed ground-breaking innovations that have significantly improved industry profitability, productivity and safety. Our solutions speak for themselves: new and modified mining methods and processes, cutting-edge mining equipment, high-level operational control of the mining value chain, and highly-skilled experts actively working in the mining industry.

Our research process is structured to achieve our members’ long-term business needs, whilst delivering valuable industry outcomes throughout project milestones and ensuring the continued relevance of our research.

We strive to position our members for success, from solving key technical challenges to exploring and publishing thought-leading information necessary to drive industry change.

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