Monico Inc

Monico Inc

  • Stand: A14

Monico, Inc. Monico has a strong history in Industrial Engine communications, we provide Pre-Configured Solutions that provide data to the end-user in the format they can consume. We are experts at industrial serial and Ethernet protocols with specialized expertise in Caterpillar equipment. Monicos 3rd generation device mCoreSDR, is a unique device in the market in that it was specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the mobile equipment mining market, support modern Cybersecurity goals, and to provide tremendous computing power for Edge Analytics. mCore is the culmination of a 3-prong plan developed several years ago to help our customers make value out of the data we provide. Too many of our customers simply do not have enough people with the expertise needed to properly monetize data. Therefore, Monico is stepping up to this challenge and helping our customer extract more value out of the data in a constant evolution. Besides designing an Edge Computing platform capable of performing 6 billion floating point calculations per second, we also needed a cloud-based data infrastructure to gather data for our customer, visualize this data, analyze this data, and provide notification when notable events occur. This service is MonicoLive. MonicoLive is a world-renown OSIsoft Pi System in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. As a partner of Monico, OSI hosts and manages this Pi system for the exclusive use of Monico. This powerful platform, combined with our Subject Matter Experts, can provide world-class remote monitoring solutions with an ever-increasing list of automated analytic algorithms combined with old fashioned visual analytics. These visual analytics are constantly being reduced to code and trained using historical data, so they can be immediately effective and valuable to our MonicoLive customers. The next step in our continuing evolution is to take what we learn using cloud analytics and push them down to the Edge of the network at the actual piece of equipment. In many cases, our devices are directly connected to the control system, so we can do high-speed calculations and make recommendations to the local control system while still providing data back to the Enterprise system. Since we will be doing a lot of the computing at the edge, we should not need to send as much data to other platforms. Monico remains committed to providing YOUR DATA, YOUR WAY and to help provide value out of data.

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