NSW Government

NSW Government

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The Department of Regional New South Wales (DRNSW) is responsible for the state's regional development, building resilient regional economies and communities, strengthening primary industries, managing the use of regional land and overseeing the state’s mineral and mining resources.

Mining, Exploration and Geoscience (MEG) within DRNSW delivers outstanding service and high-quality products and outcomes, to support our vision of the state’s minerals and petroleum resources generating prosperity for the people of NSW.

Regional NSW is the largest, most diverse regional economy in Australia.

Rich with natural resources, regional NSW produces one-third of the total NSW gross state product, with thriving agricultural and mining industries and strong manufacturing, energy, tourism and service sectors.

Home to about 40 per cent of the state’s population, regional NSW is diverse, with resilient and adaptive communities living in places of historical and cultural significance.

With high levels of natural beauty and accommodating a range of lifestyles, regional locations are attractive places for skilled workers wanting to advance their careers while enjoying the benefits of country living.

Regional NSW offers a wide range of opportunities for people thinking of investing, moving a business or starting a new enterprise.

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