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Imagine an Intelligent Digital Twin of your organisation that quickly outwits your competitors every time. That’s your BlendOpt advantage.

Paradyn's BlendOpt solves mining value chain problems. Optimise logistics, stockpiling, blending, processing, marketing and sales decisions with BlendOpt – an integrated digital twin of your business and operational reality from the mine to market.

As an Intelligent Digital Twin of your organisation, BlendOpt generates prescriptive solutions connected to your operational reality. The problem BlendOpt seeks to solve focuses on the given situation, challenges, bottlenecks and opportunities of the mine and its operations. 

BlendOpt was developed with thousands of hours of expertise and knowledge of meta-heuristic search, optimisation, and artificial intelligence - this endeavour resulted in something truly unique, a supply chain optimiser that generates prescriptive solutions which considers decision making constraints and objectives across your entire operation.

BlendOpt offers a unique combination of mathematical optimisation and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.  BlendOpt looks at the big and small pictures simultaneously and optimises holistically across time.  The discovery of 5-15% improvements in profit has been demonstrated at major and mid-tier mining operations across the globe.  

Traditional analytics tell you what happened. BlendOpt's prescriptive analytics inform how you should act. And enables you to extract the insights that matter to you quickly - in time for the meeting or reporting activity. There’s nothing quite like it.  

Many talk about optimisation tools, that fail to do the heavy lifting and simply provide analytics and forecasting. Whereas BlendOpt provides intelligently generated prescriptive solutions which illuminate the actions that must be taken in the real world – that is next level data analytics.  

BlendOpt allows you to challenge assumptions about the optimal plan for your value chain and see the impact of introducing new modes of operation, infrastructure investments and different future market scenarios. 

Designed and engineered to address the unique challenges of mining, the BlendOpt Value Chain Optimisation software integrates all business and operational decisions. From marketing through sales, trading, stockpiling, processing, haulage, rail, loading, unloading, and port, BlendOpt creates a single integrated and optimised solution.  So, all stakeholders and users gain immediately measurable gains - from tactical scheduling to life of mine planning, and from Pit to Port.

Leveraging the latest advances in meta-heuristic search and machine intelligence, with BlendOpt you can rapidly consider many thousands of value-chain decisions across time to deliver strategic and operational directives. These directives can relate to dynamically controlling materials properties through blending, stockpile strategy, beneficiation, logistics and improves timely issues such as recovery, costs, product quality consistency, sales contract penalties, and more. 

The sophistication of our solution is incomparable.  We know your search for the ultimate supply chain solution – one which considers every facet of your operation – is like prospecting for that elusive gigantic gold nugget.  You could spend your entire life searching and still be way off the mark, unless of course you have BlendOpt.

Get the jump on your competitors by getting started with BlendOpt today.  Ask us how.

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