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RealWear is a knowledge transfer company that provides in-situ information and in-the-field training to help people improve safety and increase productivity at work. Designed for incredibly hot, rugged, dusty, physical, PPE-mandated environments, the RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 (ATEX + IECEx Zone 1 certified) are the global leaders in hands-free Connected Worker technology. Our Head-Mounted-Tablet (HMT) devices facilitate the real-time flow of data and information over vast distances - expert-to-trainee, worker to IIoT sensor-cloud and DCS, ERP-to-worker and many other operational conversations, at any time, without reducing the situational awareness of that worker around heavy machinery and potential danger. Rated IP-66, 2-metre-onto-concrete drop-proof, certified to withstand temperatures up to 50 degrees celsius and with perfect volumetric-microphone background noise cancellation up to 95db, RealWear is the future of Mining mobility: where automation stops and human skillset-augmentation needs to begin. Running Android 8.1, and with integration into MDM's like VMware AirWatch, MobileIron, Intune and Soti, RealWear devices are secure and have turnkey zero-touch deployment so you can push voice-controlled Android Apps to the field from many of the biggest developers in Enterprise mobility: for Remote Expert, Workflows, Asset Inspections, Document Navigation, IP Retention and IIoT Integration use-cases, all while keeping your IT as safe as your digitized worker now-is. And when your workers don't want a voice-controlled, helmet-attached computer in front of their eyes, they can just move it out of the way. When they are 9 hours into a long shift, are running critical workflows, and the battery is starting to run-low, they can just hot-swap a new one into the device in seconds. RealWear HMT's last as long as you need them to, and workers won't feel the 380 grams evenly-distributed around helmet perimeter. Please visit our YouTube page to see the many use-cases, success-stories and implementations that could apply to your organisation. Exhibiting at IMARC for the very first time this year, we are joined by our local Melbourne-based Reseller: Realtime Analytics. Please drop-by to meet the team, put an HMT on your head, 'say-what-you-see', and join the already-large and growing list of customers experiencing large productivity, safety and compliance gains from the deployment of wearables in the Industrial World.

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