Scantech International

Scantech International

  • Stand: H39

Scantech is a proudly Australian technology developer with manufacturing of its systems within Australia and exporting 90% of its product. As the leader in proven and successful elemental and moisture analysis solutions to the global minerals industry we provide the correct specification system with customised calibration for each application. Analysers are used in over 12 commodities and provide accurate measurement over short time increments providing maximum operational flexibility for quality and process control. In bulk ore measurement for diversion of waste/ore (bulk ore sorting) GEOSCAN-M measures 30 second increments with high multi-elemental precision. Analysers are utilised for ore blending, feedback to upstream operations, feed-forward control, in APC, and many other applications on ores and products. Multiple processes can be optimised through the use of a single measurement location. Scantech's analysers have paybacks of weeks or a few months and in some cases much shorter. TBM microwave moisture analysers have proven particularly effective with a major gold operation producing an extra $75 million of gold per annum by measuring ore moisture to optimise plant throughput. The new-gen SizeScan PSD-volume-belt speed analyser released in the last year uses 3D infrared technology to better measure conveyed flow fragmention, over-size, volume and belt speed each 5 seconds. It is not affected by dust and does not require controlled lighting like most current systems using older technology.

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