Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

  • Stand: Virtual Exhibitor

Defining your Sustainable Mining Automation Philosophy for increased performance and resilience.

Mining companies are facing an ever-increased expectation by consumers and stakeholders for rapid and transformational change across their full value chain. Nowadays, sustainability goes well beyond the previous association as a way to maintain the social license to operate. Today sustainability is a key competitive differentiator. 

During this session, Schneider-Electric will share:

  • Its vision on how sustainable mining can go hand in hand with productivity gains and value chain agility;
  • How an integrated and unified strategy, that leverages the latest technologies in automation, electrification, microgrids and artificial intelligence, sets the backbone and platform for improving the most key mining activities;
  • How addressing sustainability requires weighing-up internal and external factors in the overall control and electrification philosophy of mining assets;
  • A vision for the near future, where we will see stronger linkages between production outcomes, energy and carbon-decision automation 

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