Subrosa Secure Communications P/L

Subrosa Secure Communications P/L

  • Stand: D1

The invention of the smartphone ranks as one of mankinds most transformative achievements. It is the platform that is the backbone of our communication, social, work, personal, financial and retail interactions with each other. It has revolutionized our connectivity as people. Not only has the smartphone heralded new ways of doing business and spawned whole new industries, it has embedded a new way of charging for applications and services, made possible only by their widespread adoption at little or no upfront cost to the consumer. The value of a consumer has become not what they buy, but the value of their data generated and sold to other businesses. Tracking of customers, like the sophistication of the handsets and the software on them, began as mild, but has exploded into different platforms, hundreds of thousands of different Apps, and highly accurate GPS tracking, altimeters, and cross matching of data. Most major security software companies agree on one thing the smartphone is now one of the greatest risks to personal and corporate security today, and the risk is only becoming larger. Recent case law in Australia has also meant that information covered by legal privilege is no longer privileged if stolen and publicly released. Businesses can and will be prosecuted for private information never intended for public release. At Subrosa, we realize that today the privacy of people's communications is at risk. Moreover, we understand that in a world gripped by cybercrime and mass surveillance, intruders can easily steal your data and compromise your correspondence, unless you have the right tools. Our clients are corporates who want privacy whilst operating in capital markets, law enforcement who require operations to remain secret, multinationals who operate in high risk locations, and many other businesses who understand the value of keeping their private information and business strategy confidential.

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