Sunpower Renewables

Sunpower Renewables

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Sunpower Renewables Pty. Ltd. is an Australian renewable energy solutions company.  We have developed modern, efficient, and smart solar energy products that allow consumers to achieve energy independence while being cost effective, long lasting, and environmentally friendly. Our ‘Australian Made’ renewable energy generation and storage devices, range from hand-held to grid connected products. They allow users to generate and store energy (from the grid, solar or external generators) and then intelligently release it to appliances based on user-programmed preferences (e.g. in response to time-of-day pricing of electricity) to reduce the total electricity costs for the user. 

Our sleek, sophisticated battery storage solutions enable true “plug and play” between an energy source (solar PV panel array, an A/C power source, or an external generator), and electricity-using equipment. These products are easy to install and require negligible maintenance across their 10+ year life span. Our systems are being used in Australia and overseas markets for a variety of off-grid and fringe-of grid electricity applications.

Mining sites around the world are huge consumers of diesel fuel, for mobile and stationary applications. The fuel cost – both financial and environmental – is enormous, particularly when rain makes roads almost impassable. Remote mine sites currently meet a significant proportion of their electricity needs by using a large number of small diesel generators typically spread across the mine site. Diesel also fuels most of the large site energy users, both fixed and mobile. Our portable energy storage devices provide a unique opportunity to reduce diesel fuel consumption and cost on these mine sites by adapting and augmenting its current products to assist the move towards a whole-of-mine power solution based on solar power, and replace the numerous diesel generators that are being used at the mines. Our solutions are a game-changer for the mining industry to replace the diesel generators and provide sustainable energy and operational cost savings at the mine sites. Our portable products can be easily ported across multiple mine sites increasing their utility and value to the mine operators. Our solutions are versatile and come in multiple sizes to cater to the varying energy needs of our customers, something that is severely lacking in the industry today.

Our state-of-the-art, simple-to-use, and light-weight portable products have proven to be more sustainable & viable, both commercially and technically, than traditional renewable alternatives and current energy backup solutions like diesel generators. Our products are an all in one solution, fully integrating all the different components of the solar plant with additional features like an in-built Inverter, MPPT charge controller, a pure sine wave UPS, a reversible net meter and an in-built Li-Ion battery pack for energy storage. Integrating all these components into a single, compact, portable, plug and play product, which also offers energy storage is a game changer for the renewable energy industry and is also our USP.

Our solutions are conceptualized, designed and developed in Australia. Our focus on R&D-driven solution development allows us to deliver superior quality portable and versatile energy solutions.

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