Connecting the mining and METS industry 

A surge in mining and exploration activities, growing developments and adoption of advanced technologies, and identified challenges in operations and processing have all contributed to a major market expansion for the global Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) market. In Australia alone, growth of the METS sector is estimated to add more than $50 billion to the economy by 2030.

As a result of the above, mining companies are now benefiting from the adoption of wearable technologies, drones, automated vehicles, and robotics, to name a few, allowing for a competitive advantage in the market.

At a time when doing business in person was not possible, the METS Arena #LIVE series was launched to help the global mining and METS industries stay connected. 

The monthly online event series connected mining and engineering companies with pre-qualified METS that have the capability to solve specific mining company challenges or industry aggregated problems.

This year will see a brand-new theatre bringing our successful online METS Arena #LIVE series to the expo floor. As a hybrid event, attendees will be able to participate live both in-person and online.

Hear from industry experts and METS companies with a series of complimentary presentations showcasing innovations, solutions and capabilities. You’ll learn about some of the latest technologies and solutions changing the game in mining.

With so many innovative solutions and companies entering the market every day, mining companies will get a strong understanding of which companies would be best partners for their company by listening to these presentations.

As an initiative supported by IMARC’s founding partners, the Victorian Government, AusIMM, Austmine and Mines and Money, METS Arena #LIVE episodes have hosted over 1,000 attendees online with their live and engaging interactive online format.


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17 June 2020

Can innovative exploration and drilling solutions meet environmental and safety requirements?

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15 July 2020

Can METS companies support Mass Mining, resource estimation, and/or processing efficiency?

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12 August 2020

How can we plan the next generation of mines with digital and technological specific solutions?

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16 September 2020

Can miners and explorers optimise the next generation of minerals and mining projects?

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14 October 2020

Can the MET's sector assist the miners to accelerate the digital transformation?

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24 November 2020

The maximum value of accurate data for improved and informed decision making by geologists.

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24 November 2020

What are the key considerations of people, systems and technology to autonomous mining?

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27 November 2020

METS Arena #LIVE – LATAM Tailings Management

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2 December 2020

METS Arena #LIVE - Electrification in the mining and resources industry

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9 December 2020

Closure & Rehabilitation Focus