Connecting the mining and METS industry digitally.

In these unprecedented times, where doing business in person may not be possible, it is more important than ever that the global mining and METS industry stay connected.

The IMARC METS Arena #LIVE is a monthly online event series, that will connect miners, engineering companies and contractors with pre-qualified METS companies that have the capability to solve specific mining company problems or industry aggregated problems.

Supported by the Victorian Government and IMARC's other Founding Partners, AusIMM, Austmine and Mines and Money the IMARC METS Arena #LIVE episodes will see a panel of experts come together to discuss the issues that matter with the audience in a live and engaging interactive online format; similar to the IMARC Pitch Battles.

The first IMARC METS Arena #Live featured Chalice's GM of Corporate Development, Bruce Kendall. With SensOre, DataRock, KORE Geosystems, IMDEX and MinEx CRC discussing their solutions to the problem.

"As we explore for the mineral resources of the future, which are deeper, undercover and require rapid exploration and drilling to identify, miners/explorers and their relevant communities have an increased need to find innovative exploration and drilling solutions that can meet environmental, safety and efficiency requirements".



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Upcoming Events

Join our full series of the interactive METS Arena #Live, where 5 leading METS Companies will pitch their solutions to each month's problem statement.

Wednesday 14 October 10am Melbourne / Tuesday 13 October 8pm Santiago

As part of our current and future mining operations, we need to continue our digital and technology transformation. We need to promote more efficient and sustainable operations, as we continue to modernise our current operations and leverage more data science and analytic techniques. Can the MET's sector assist the miners with innovative and data science approaches to accelerate the digital transformation? Also we need to keep a focus on our people management, their wellbeing, as mindfulness will become more important, and where will the next generation of people come from.

Wednesday 18th November 3pm Melbourne / 12pm Perth

The global community will expect the mining and minerals industry to work towards no waste mining and full energy efficiency; pressure on industry for these changes has already begun. A focus on re-purpose, recycle, re-use will continue to be a focus, and effective rehabilitation of mines will be a requirement. METS companies that can assist in the planning, facilitation, and legacy of mines will play an important role.

If you have a solution to one of the upcoming problems, then…

Watch A Previous Event

Did you miss a previous IMARC METS Arena #Live event? Our recordings are now available for you to watch and share with your networks.

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17th June


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15th July


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12th August


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16th September

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Announcing the IMARC METS Arena #LIVE Series

Watch Jaclyn Symes, Minister for Regional Development, Minister for Agriculture and Minster for Resources with the Victorian Government, announces the launch of the brand new IMARC METS Arena #LIVE series

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Mining Plus: Introducing the IMARC METS Arena #Live

Ben Auld, Managing Director at Mining Plus, introduces the recently launched IMARC METS Arena #LIVE and details what audiences can expect of the digital event every month