IMARC Connect

Our bespoke AI driven meeting platform, IMARC Connect, takes the work out of networking. By pre-qualifying your needs, IMARC Connect gives you the power to search by industry, region, job title, commodity and much more. Enabling you to identify the right attendees and schedule lucrative meetings, leading to more deals and opportunities.

2019 saw over 4,600 meetings requested through the IMARC Connect Meeting Planner. With over $46 million in business reported to have been generated at IMARC and a further $100.3 million in investments made, meetings through IMARC Connect lead to business outcomes.

As a hybrid event, attendees are no longer constrained by geographic boundaries, so you can expect to meet more international attendees than ever before with virtual participation from over 130 countries.  

So if you want to generate valuable leads and build new relationships, register for a ticket that includes access to IMARC Connect now.

How It Works

In four simple steps, you will identify the right attendees, and schedule lucrative meetings, leading to more deals and opportunities.

Confirm your attendance

Upon confirming your attendance at our event, we will ask you a number of questions about who you are, and what you're looking for at the event that will enable us to match you with relevant attendees.

Receive recommendations

Our bespoke meeting platform algorithm will recommend pre-qualified attendees that are relevant to you and your business.

You will also have the power to search by industry, commodities, project stages, regions and interests.

Confirm your schedule

Send and receive meeting requests with one click. The meeting platform opens 4 weeks prior the event giving you ample time to schedule your meetings and to ensure you have a jam-packed calendar for the event.

Attend meetings

Our fully integrated video system will allow for international attendees to participate in virtual meetings from anywhere in the world without having to leave your home, or your desk. Whilst in-person attendees can meet virtually, face-to-face at exhibitor booths, or in the networking lounges.