Virtual networking events

There are a multitude of opportunities for you to engage with industry peers, innovators, leaders, financiers, governments and mentors with an interactive program that includes daily virtual networking functions, private video meetings, speed networking, and live Q&A.

Interact with our speakers and take part in a live chat with attendees from around the globe. Bring your cup of tea, wine or beer to make them feel like real networking events – don’t forget to turn your webcam on!


This online event series will connect miners, engineering companies and contractors with pre-qualified METS companies that have the capability to solve specific mining company problems or industry aggregated problems.

Mines and Money [email protected]

Catch up with 5 key players in the mining investment community for market commentary and project updates.

Live Q&A.

During all presentations, you’ll be able to send your questions directly to the speakers. Speakers will have the opportunity to answer them live on air, or direct with you after their presentation.

Virtual Networking Events Presentations

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