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With organisations worldwide committing to net zero targets by 2050, and some of the more ambitious aiming for 2030, the mining sector’s role in this transition is more critical than ever. 

Organised by Beacon Events, IMARC 2024 will delve into strategies for accelerating the extraction of critical minerals essential for low-emission technologies while ensuring the entire value chain reduces its carbon footprint. The conference will emphasise responsible mining practices and adherence to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, aiming to balance efficiency and effectiveness with sustainability.

"IMARC 2024 is about creating a roadmap for the mining industry to meet its net zero commitments," said Sherene Asnasyous, Event Director – Content & Partnerships of IMARC. "The program will highlight how the sector can fast-track the extraction of vital minerals and integrate innovative technologies to decarbonise operations. Our goal is to provide actionable insights and strategies that industry leaders can implement to drive meaningful change."

IMARC 2024 features speakers from organisations such as Newmont, Alcoa, Vale, Evolution Mining, the Minerals Council of Australia, Climate Energy Finance, Pollination and more, exploring themes including; Fast Tracking the Critical Minerals Value Chain; Operationalising the Energy Transition Through Innovation and Collaboration; Responsible Mining Initiatives that Contribute to Shared Prosperity; Speeding up the Project Lifecyle to Develop the Mines of the Future Quicker; and Leveraging Technology and Innovation to Achieve Productivity and Operational Excellence. Participants will also gain valuable insights from case studies of companies already making significant strides towards net zero.

As Australia’s largest mining event, IMARC 2024 will not only spotlight Australia's efforts but will also provide a global perspective on how different nations are supporting the transition to net zero. The event aims to foster international cooperation and trade, and drive the mining industry towards a sustainable future.

"IMARC 2024 will serve as a pivotal platform for the global mining community to collaborate and share best practices," said Anita Richards, Chief Operating Officer of Beacon Events. "By bringing together stakeholders from key mining jurisdictions such as Canada, Chile, Peru, and Mongolia, as well as countries involved in downstream and midstream processes like the UK, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Korea, and the USA, we can collectively advance the industry's net zero agenda."

With upwards of 9,000 delegates from over 120 countries, including 50+ government delegations, IMARC will be one of the most internationally attended business events in Australia this year. IMARC will also feature several co-located events in 2024, including the AROSE Mining & Space Conference. Curated by Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE), and open to all IMARC attendees, the conference theme is “Where space exploration meets mining innovation,” showcasing requirements, capabilities, and collaborations between the two industries.

Another new feature in 2024 will be the addition of IMARC Executive Briefings. These focused 2-hour sessions will bring together industry leaders and policymakers to review critical topics poised to shape the future of the industry, including ESG Data & Disclosure, Managing WHS Risks in Mining, and Tailings Dam Management. More information on these sessions will be announced soon.

IMARC 2024 will take place at the ICC Sydney from 29–31 October. Also running alongside IMARC this year will be the inaugural Mining, Metals, and the Circular Economy conference. Taking place on 29–30 October 2024, this conference will provide attendees with unprecedented access to local and international industry thought leaders in the mining sector to explore the global context of process and product circularity throughout the mining industry’s value chain.