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The International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) is attracting global leaders from across the industry where they will have the opportunity to learn from each other and collaborate on trends in mining, investment and innovation towards a sustainable future. 

The most significant in-person meeting for the sector in three years will gather Australian and international mining and resources representatives to address global issues facing the industry.  

IMARC is launching the event for the first time in Sydney this year and the NSW Government is thrilled the State is hosting such a significant event with its crucial role in the mining and resources sector consistently growing. 

The Deputy Premier and Minister responsible for Resources Paul Toole said we are proud the event is bigger than ever before. It’s a testament to the strength of the mining sector in NSW and a very exciting time for mining and exploration in our State, backed by unprecedented funding from the NSW Government.”

“NSW has been experiencing a mining boom and in the past 10 years mining’s direct contribution to the State’s economy has averaged about $13 billion a year, generating tens of thousands of jobs.”

“We welcome Government Ministers, dignitaries and investors visiting NSW for IMARC, and look forward to engaging with them over the coming days”, Mr Toole said.

Global Victoria assists in facilitating many collaborations between Australian and international operators across the mining value chain, often in areas around innovative environmental management and waste management within the circular economy. 

The organisation’s Sustainability & Advanced Manufacturing Lead, Alex Veale says these partnerships often lead to more efficient and clean operations. 

Mr. Veale says “Some of the most valuable work we do is taking mine optimization work being done in Australia to markets that aren't as advanced in a lot of cases - both in terms of regulation and practice on the ground and introducing and putting these companies in front of our major miners. 

“We're really active in Latin America for instance, so in Chile and Peru we've had some really great success in opening up those markets to our companies who are making a material impact on improving the sustainability and efficiency of those operations on the ground.” 

This will be further explored at IMARC during a panel discussion around Opportunities for Collaboration Between Chilean and Australian METS giving Australian organisations the chance to learn from and work with international operators. 

Mr. Veale points to examples out of Latin America where “there are a lot of interesting advances being made in water management and emerging hydrogen economies, so we're working to understand the opportunities and the markets there and match that with the capability that we can offer at home. And the same thing can apply to the mining and METS space as well.” 

Touted alongside Australia as a key leader in mining and resources and an equally attractive place to invest in the sector, Canada will have a large delegation in attendance at IMARC including government officials, mining and metals executives and investors.  

Bertrand Raoult, Senior Investment Officer at Global Affairs Canada says collaborations between the two nations are always of enormous benefit to both nations and their mining industries, highlighting more than 59% of Australian FDI in Canada is concentrated in the natural resources sector. 

Mr. Raoult says “Canada and Australia are frequently compared in the mining business due to their similarities. Both countries have open economies with abundant natural resources, robust public geoscience programmes, and minerals and metals companies that continue to be a major source of revenue.  

“Both have a thriving junior mining sector, big mining corporations, and a strong mining services sector, all of which have a global footprint. The trend of Australian miners migrating over to Canada is growing, whether that be through a dual listing on TSX or through investments in Canadian projects, and this in turns is driving the interest of the Australian METS sector.” 

Daniel Dignard, Asia Pacific Senior Counsellor for Invest Quebec agrees with the importance of these relationships, collaborations and active participation in forums like IMARC, which “generate key opportunities for Quebec & Canadian companies to access such growing markets like Australia, and especially in the mining, creative, cleantech and aerospace sectors.” 

The global conference will be held 2-4 November at the Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC) and will feature over 490 speakers across six concurrent conferences covering the innovation, rising costs, skills shortages, and investment within the resources sector and more.