Mining & Energy Companies

Over 800 mining and energy companies from around the globe, across the commodity spectrum and at all stages of the life cycle attend IMARC.

From diversified majors such as BHP, Newcrest and South 32; to gold mid-tiers including OceanaGold and Evolution Mining. Through to some of the most compelling exploration and development companies, this year's event provides an unmatched opportunity to connect with a broad range of mining companies.

Attendees wanting to arrange private meetings with the below companies can confirm their meeting pass or sponsorship package here.

Name Project Stage Commodity Location
29Metals Limited Exploration, Development, Production Coking Coal, Coal-Fired Power, Copper, Gold, Nickel, Potash, Iron Ore, Manganese, Lead Australia
Aeris Resources Limited Development, Production, Exploration Copper, Gold Australia
Agincourt Resources Production Coking Coal, Coal-Fired Power, Copper, Gold, Nickel, Potash, Iron Ore, Manganese, Lead Indonesia
Alderan Resources Exploration Copper, Gold Australia
Alien MEtals Exploration Copper, Gold, Iron Ore, Silver, Zinc United Kingdom
Alliance Resources Ltd Exploration Gold, Iron Ore Australia
Alligator Energy Development,Exploration Uranium Australia
Alt Resources Limited Exploration Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Lead, Rare Earth Metals, Silver, Tin, Tungsten, Vanadium, Zinc Australia
Altech Chemicals Exploration,Development Alumina Malaysia
Anax Metals Exploration, Development Gold Australia
Anglo American Exploration, Production, Development Diamond, Copper, Nickel, Iron Ore, Coal-Fired Power, Coking Coal, Thermal Coal Australia
Apollo Group Exploration Nickel, Copper, Gold Australia
Arcem Resources Development Coking Coal, Thermal Coal Australia
Argonaut Resources Exploration,Development Gold,Copper,Zinc,Cobalt Australia, Zambia
Arrow Minerals Exploration Gold,Nickel Burkina Faso & Western Australia
Auking Mining Exploration,Development Copper,Gold,Zinc Australia
Austral Resources Australia Ltd Development, Production, Exploration Copper Australia
Australasian Metals Exploration Gold Australia
Australian Strategic Materials Development Rare Earth Metals,Zircon Australia
Australian Vanadium Exploration,Development Vanadium Australia
Banpu Public company Limited Production Thermal Coal Thailand
Barton Gold Exploration Gold Australia
Bastion Minerals Development,Exploration Copper,Gold,Silver Chile
Battery Minerals Exploration Copper Australia
Beltz Mining Exploration Copper Australia
Bezant Resources PLC Exploration Copper, Gold Australia
BHP Exploration, Development, Production Coking Coal, Copper, Gold, Iron Ore, Lithium, Nickel, Rare Earth Metals, Rhodium, Uranium, Vanadium Australia
Big River Gold Development Gold Brazil
Blackstone Minerals Exploration, Development Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Nickel Australia
BMG Resources Exploration Gold, Lithium Australia
Boadicea Resources Exploration Copper,Nickel,Gold Australia
Boliden Exploration, Production Zinc, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Gold, Silver Sweden
Boroo Gold Production Gold Mongolia
Bravus Mining and Resources Development, Production, Exploration Thermal Coal Australia
Calima Energy Distribution Coal-Fired Power Australia
Caprice Resources Exploration Gold Australia
Castlemaine Goldfields Pty Ltd Exploration, Development, Production Gold Australia
Catalyst Metals Exploration Gold Australia
Celsius Resources Exploration Gold,Copper Philippines
Centennial Mining Exploration, Development Gold Australia
Challenger Exploration Exploration Copper,Gold Argentina, Ecuador
Challenger Exploration Limited Exploration, Development Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc Australia
Chase Mining Corporation Exploration, Development Copper, Gold, Graphite, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Tungsten Australia
Citic Pacific Mining Production Iron Ore Australia
Comet Minerals Limited Exploration, Development Copper, Zinc, Lead Australia
Conceitos Mining Lda Mozambique
Convertible Resources Ltd Exploration, Development Iron Ore, Gold, Silver Mauritius
Core Lithium Exploration,Development Lithium,Gold Australia
Coronado Curragh Pty Ltd Production Coking Coal Australia
Coronado Global Resources Inc Production Coal-Fired Power, Coking Coal, Thermal Coal Australia
Covalent Lithium Development Lithium Australia
Culpeo Minerals Exploration Copper Australia
Cyprium Metals Exploration Copper Australia
Dundas Mining Pty Ltd Exploration Iron Ore Australia
Eclipse Metals Exploration Gold,Uranium,Vanadium,Manganese Australia
EcoMagnesium Development Ocean Energy, Potash Australia
Elevate Uranium Development, Exploration Uranium Australia
Encounter Minerals Exploration Copper, Gold, Lead, Nickel, Silver, Zinc Australia
Envirocopper Ltd Development Copper, Gold Australia
Environmental Copper Recovery Pty Ltd Development Copper, Gold Australia
European Cobalt Exploration, Development Bauxite, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Iron Ore, Kaolin, Lithium, Manganese, Nickel, Silver, Tin, Uranium, Zinc Australia
European Lithium Development,Exploration Lithium Austria
Evolution Mining Development Gold Australia
Fe Ltd Production,Development Iron Ore,Gold,Lithium Australia
Federation Mining Development Gold Australia
Flynn Gold Exploration Gold Australia
Fortescue Metals Group Ltd Production Iron Ore, Copper, Lithium Australia
Galileo Mining Exploration Cobalt,Nickel,Copper Australia
Gandel Metals Copper, Gold, Graphite, Hydrogen, Mineral Sands, Nuclear Australia
Glencore Development, Production, Exploration Copper, Lead, Zinc Australia
Glencore Coal Asset Australia Generation Coal-Fired Power Australia
Golcha Exploration Other India
Gold And Copper Resources Pty Ltd Exploration Gold, Copper Australia
Golden Camel Mining Development Silver, Gold Australia
Golden Camel Mining Pty Ltd Development Silver, Gold Australia
Golden Rim Resources Exploration,Development Gold,Copper,Silver,Zinc,Lead Guinea, Burkina Faso, Chile
Granges Resources Exploration, Production Iron Ore Australia
Graymont Production Other Australia
Group 6 Metals Exploration,Development Tungsten Australia
Gvk Hamcock Development Coal-Fired Power, Coking Coal, Thermal Coal Australia
Hammer Metals Exploration,Development Copper,Gold Australia
Hanking Australia Investment Pty Ltd Development Gold Australia
Harmony Gold Exploration, Development Gold, Copper Australia
Hawsons Iron Exploration,Development Iron Ore Australia
Hillgrove Resources Exploration,Development,Production Copper,Gold Australia
Hindustan Zinc Limited Exploration, Development, Production Lead, Silver, Zinc India
Iluka Resources Production Mineral Sands Australia
Image Resources NL Production,Development Mineral Sands Australia
Impact Silver Production Gold, Silver Canada
Investigator Resources Ltd Exploration Copper, Silver, Gold Australia
Jamieson Minerals Exploration Gold Australia
JINDAL STEEL AND POWER ( AUDTRALIA) PTY LTD Exploration, Production Coking Coal, Iron Ore, Thermal Coal Australia
Kalamazoo Resources Development,Exploration Gold,Copper,Zinc,Lead,Silver Australia
Kalbar Operations Pty Ltd Development Mineral Sands Australia
Kin Mining Development Gold Western Australia
Kincora Copper Exploration Copper, Gold Australia
Kingston Resources Production Gold, Silver Australia
Kingston Resources Ltd Exploration,Development Gold PNG, Australia
Kirkland Lake Gold Production, Exploration Gold Australia
Kopanong Resources Exploration Cobalt, Copper, Diamond, Gold, Iron Ore, Lithium, Manganese, Nickel, Platinum, Precious Stones, Renewable Energy, Uranium United Kingdom
KORES Australia Pty Ltd Production Coal-Fired Power, Coking Coal, Thermal Coal, Uranium, Iron Ore Australia
Laramide Resources Production Uranium Australia
Latin Resources Development,Exploration Gold,Lithium,Copper,Kaolin Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Australia
Leigh Creek Energy Development Coal Australia
Lithium Plus Exploration Lithium Australia
Lithium Power International Exploration,Development Lithium Chile
LKAB Production Iron Ore Sweden
Lodestone Mines Ltd. Exploration Iron Ore Australia
Los Cerros Ltd Exploration,Development Gold Colombia
Lumina Gold Exploration Gold Ecuador
Magnetite Mines Development Iron Ore Australia
Mako Gold Limited Exploration Gold Cote D’Ivoire
Mandalay Resources Production Antimony, Gold Australia
Marcobre Development Copper Peru
Marutirao Metals Private Limited Exploration India
Mawson Gold Ltd Exploration Gold Europe, Australia, Canada
MCS KSA Production Copper, Gold, Iron Ore Saudi Arabia
Medusa Mining Ltd Exploration, Production Gold Australia
Mercator Gold Australia Exploration Gold Australia
Merdeka Copper Gold Exploration Gold,Copper Indonesia
Mineral Resources Exploration Iron Ore Australia
Mithril Resources Exploration,Development Gold,Silver Mexico
Mitsubishi Development Development, Production Coking Coal, Copper, Nickel Australia
Mitsui Production Iron Ore, Coking Coal Australia
Mitsui Coal Holdings Development, Production Coking Coal Australia
MKU Resources / MINERBA Exploration,Development,Production Gold,Copper,Nickel,Bauxite,Alumina Indonesia
MMG Production Bauxite, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver, Zinc Australia
MMG Limited Exploration, Development, Production Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Silver Australia
Mongolia Metals Corporation Exploration Copper, Gold, Coking Coal United Kingdom
Moonah Resources Australia
MTSC Exploration, Development Copper, Iron Ore, Kaolin, Zinc Morocco
Multicom Development,Exploration Vanadium Australia
Mwamba Mining Ltd Development Gold Tanzania
Navarre Minerals Limited Exploration Gold Australia
New Century Resources Exploration,Production Lead,Zinc Australia
New Gold Exploration, Development, Production Copper, Gold Canada
Newcrest Production Copper, Gold, Silver Australia
Newcrest Mining Exploration,Development,Production Copper, Gold, Silver Australia
Newcrest Mining Ltd Development, Production, Exploration Gold, Copper Australia
Newmont Development, Exploration, Production Copper, Gold, Silver Australia
Newmont Goldcorp Exploration Copper, Gold, Silver Australia
Nexus Minerals Exploration Gold Australia
Nicola Mining Exploration Silver,Lead,Zinc Canada
North Stawell Minerals Exploration Gold Australia
Northern Minerals Limited Production, Development, Exploration Rare Earth Metals Australia
NRW Holdings Development, Production Iron Ore Australia
Nymagee Gold Exploration Copper, Gold, Lead, Nickel, Silver, Zinc Australia
Oar Resources Development,Exploration Gold,Graphite,Zinc,Nickel,Copper,Iron Ore USA, Peru, Australia
Oceana Gold (NZ) Ltd Production Copper, Gold New Zealand
OceanaGold Exploration, Development, Production Copper, Gold Australia
Origin Energy Retail Coal-Fired Power Australia
Otci Mining Investissement Sarl Exploration Mali
Outback Goldfields Exploration Gold Australia
Oz Minerals Production Copper Australia
Oz Minerals Brazil Exploration Copper, Gold, Silver, Uranium Australia
PacGold Exploration Gold Australia (Queensland)
Pacific Nickel Mines Exploration,Development Nickel Solomon Islands
Pallas Minerals Exploration Copper,Palladium,Gold Sweden
Peak Minerals Exploration Copper,Nickel Australia
Peel Mining Limited Exploration Copper, Silver, Gold, Lead, Zinc Australia
Pilanesburg Platinum Mine Exploration, Development, Production Platinum South Africa
Platina Resources Exploration,Development Scandium Australia
PolarX Exploration Gold,Silver,Copper Alaska
Predictive Discovery Limited Exploration Gold Guinea, Cote D’Ivore, Burkina Faso
Prospect Resources Ltd (PSC) Exploration, Development Cobalt, Lithium, Manganese, Nickel, Niobium, Phosphate, Rare Earth Metals, Tin, Tungsten Australia
Pure Battery Technologies Production Cobalt, Manganese, Nickel Australia
Q Mines Ltd Exploration, Development Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver, Zinc Australia
QEM Limited Development,Exploration Vanadium Australia
Red 5 Limited Production Gold Australia
Red Paramount Exploration Iron Ore Canada
Renascor Resources Exploration,Development Graphite,Gold Australia
Resource Base Ltd Exploration Gold,Copper,Rare Earth Metals Australia (Victoria)
Reward Minerals Exploration Potash Australia, WA
REX Minerals Exploration,Development Copper,Gold South Australia, Nevada
Rio Tinto Development, Production Bauxite, Cobalt, Coking Coal, Copper, Diamond, Gold, Iron Ore, Lithium, Mineral Sands, Uranium Australia
Roxgold Inc. Exploration, Development, Production Gold Canada
Roy Hill Production Iron Ore Australia
S2 Resources Exploration, Development, Production Gold, Other Australia
Santacruz Silver Production Copper, Lead, Silver, Zinc Canada
Saturn Metals Limited Development,Exploration Gold,Copper Australia
Shali Group Exploration, Development Copper, Gold, Rare Earth Metals, Silver Namibia
Sihayo Gold Ltd Exploration Gold Indonesia
So4 Development Potash Australia
Sojitz Coal Mining Development, Production, Exploration Coking Coal, Iron Ore Australia
South Atlantic Gold Exploration Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Iron Ore, Lead, Lithium, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium, Silver, Tin, Tungsten, Uranium, Vanadium, Zinc Peru
South32 Exploration, Production, Development Bauxite, Coking Coal, Lead, Nickel, Silver, Zinc Australia
Spil Mining Ltd. Exploration, Development, Production Antimony, Graphite, Nickel, Vanadium Turkey
St Barbara Development, Production Gold Papua New Guinea
St George Mining Exploration Nickel,Gold Australia
Stavely Minerals Limited Exploration Copper,Gold Australia
Stawell Gold Mines Production Gold Australia
Sumitomo Australia Pty Ltd Development, Exploration, Production Coking Coal, Copper, Gold, Graphite, Lithium, Zinc Australia
Sunshine Gold Exploration Copper,Gold Australia
Sunstone Metals Exploration Gold,Copper Ecuador, Finland, Sweden
Tambourah Metals Exploration Nickel,Copper,Gold Australia
Teck Australia Exploration, Development, Production Copper, Zinc, Thermal Coal, Coal-Fired Power, Coking Coal Australia
Teck Resources Limited Exploration, Development, Production Copper, Zinc, Thermal Coal, Coal-Fired Power, Coking Coal Canada
Tempest Minerals Ltd Exploration Copper,Gold,Lithium,Zinc Western Australia
Theta Gold Mines Exploration,Development Gold South Africa
Thomson Resources Exploration Gold,Tin,Silver Australia
Thor Mining plc Exploration, Development Tungsten Australia
TinOne Resources Inc Exploration Gold,Tin Tasmania, Australia
Torrens Mining Exploration,Development Copper,Gold,Cobalt Australia
Tronox Production, Exploration, Development Mineral Sands, Rare Earth Metals Australia
U&D Mining Development, Production, Exploration Coking Coal, Lithium, Thermal Coal Australia
UGL Distribution Oil & Gas Australia
URO Corporation Exploration Rare Earth Metals,Uranium,Copper Australia
Vale Exploration Iron Ore Australia
Vango Mining Development,Exploration Gold Australia
Venture Minerals Exploration,Development Tin Spain, Australia
Vimy Resources Exploration,Development Uranium Australia
Waqud Exploration Egypt
West Wits Mining Exploration,Development Gold,Uranium South Africa & Australia
West Wits Mining Limited Exploration, Development, Production Gold, Uranium Australia
White Rock Minerals Exploration Silver,Zinc,Gold Alaska, Australia
Wiluna Mining Exploration Gold Western Australia
WIM Resource Exploration,Development Mineral Sands Australia
WOLLONGONG Coal Ltd Production Coking Coal, Iron Ore, Thermal Coal Australia
Woodside Energy Ltd. Distribution, Generation Oil & Gas Australia
Xanadu Mines Exploration, Development Copper, Gold Australia
Yancoal Production Coal-Fired Power, Coking Coal, Thermal Coal Australia
YILDIRIM Group of Companies Development, Production Copper, Gold, Graphite, Lithium, Nickel, Vanadium Turkey
Zenith Minerals Ltd Exploration Copper,Gold,Lithium,Zinc Australia