Central Africa Markets Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CAMPEA)

The Central Africa Markets Venture Capital & Private Equity Association is the incoming global industry body promoting the interests of venture capital and private equity markets operators and alternative assets investing in the sub-region of Central Africa. CAMPEA is the global private capital network for investment professionals seeking alternative strategies and opportunistic returns in Central Africa markets. The Association mobilises a community of active global investors and financing experts with the objective to share viewpoints, track transactions data and sponsor research that will tackle relevant issues which will gradually contribute in the improvement of Central Africa's investment climate in energy and mining, agriculture, technology and renewal energy holdings and ventures. Our objective is to supplement investors with risk-adjusted returns opportunies, promote economic growth alongside regional prosperity through our advocacy endeavours which serve as acatalyst for increased volume of diversified holdings and allocation across a variety of sectors and industries, with performance-driven purpose in Central Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa generally.

The Association regroups key global stakeholders of impact and commercial investors regional deal-makers whom constitute a community of current network affiliates and prospective members. These are comprised of a vast array of alternative capital firms and financial institutions namely commercial and investment banks, multi-lateral export & trade banks, development finance institutions (DFIs), including other limited partners institutional allocators (LPs) notably from sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), pension funds, insurance and endowment funds. In conjunction, we count private equity operating stakeholders spanning the universe of fund administration and asset management companies, corporations, corporate advisors, SMEs and their legal solutions and technology or operational platform providers from a multitude of financial jurisdictions.

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