For more than 20 years The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) has been developing the people, technologies and approaches necessary to address the challenges facing the world on the path to sustainability.

SMI supports the complex decision making required in a world experiencing the impacts of climate change, transitioning to a low carbon future and the need to create a more equitable society.

To achieve this, SMI adopts a multidisciplinary approach that integrates expertise in geoscience, mining, mineral processing, workplace health, safety and risk, environmental management, social responsibility, and organisational improvement.

Since it was established in 2001, SMI has been the only research institute in the world where this breadth and depth of knowledge can be found in one place.

SMI comprises an International Centre of Excellence in Chile, the Technology Transfer company JKTech and 6 research centres, each nurturing specific disciplinary strengths. The Institute also leads a set of multidisciplinary strategic research programs which focus on priority challenges in, and relating to, the minerals industry. The researchers and specialists in each of these centres and programs work with industry, governments, civil society, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, intergovernmental organisations, research institutions and foundations.

In addition to research, SMI delivers professional development and higher degrees by research to train the next generation of industry and community leaders.

Collaboration and partnership are at the heart of SMI’s activities. We work with organisations around the world—integrating research disciplines, generating new ideas, engaging stakeholders and delivering outcomes.

Collaboration with SMI can take many forms - from consultancy and training through to large scale, long-term, federally funded research such as involvement in Cooperative Research Centres or Trailblazer schemes.

SMI has many direct partnerships with the end-users of research, and researchers have developed a sophisticated approach to engagement, end-user design, and academic independence that is impact-focused and transformative.

Research Centres

  • Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation
  • Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry
  • Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre
  • WH Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre
  • Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining
  • Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre

Strategic research programs

  • Unlocking Complex Orebodies
  • Resourcing Decarbonisation
  • Future Autonomous Systems and Technologies
  • Leadership and Organisational Improvement
  • Development Minerals

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