Arvind Sharma

Arvind Sharma


Partner, Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change

Arvind Sharma

Arvind is a sustainability strategist with over two decades of experience in driving sustainable outcomes in diverse sectors.  He has advised clients in developing climate change and sustainability strategies with a specific focus on reducing business costs and risks, and improving sustainability performance.      

He has worked in many countries, including Australia, Singapore, The Netherlands, India, UAE, USA and UK. He has lead various projects that involved evaluation of climate change policies and programs for their effectiveness in achieving low carbon growth. He has deep understanding of sub-national, national and international climate change policies and programs. 

Arvind has been an active member of Asia and Pacific Regional working group on promoting the CDM and carbon market mechanisms for post 2020 hosted by the Regional Collaboration Centres (RCC) under the UNFCCC secretariat. His contribution was around reviewing the role of private sector in raising ambition and the importance of monitoring, reporting and verification frameworks.

He has rich experience in providing greenhouse gas assessment and climate change adaptation advice to resource sector companies in Australia. He has assisted several mining sector clients with the identification of climate change risks, carbon bio-sequestration opportunities and development of carbon offset strategies as part of net zero pathways. He has provided assurance on various Emission Reduction Fund projects focussing on reforestation and afforestation, and plantation forestry and audited over 50 forestry projects under the emission reduction fund.

He was an observer member of International Council on Mining and Metals during his tenure at KPMG and contributed to the development of sustainable development framework and providing advice to mining companies in relation to integrating sustainable development principles into business planning. 


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