Ashley Bosworth

Since Ashley joined Pulse in 1998, he has developed extensive experience in the IT industry, having performed just about every role linked to the software development life-cycle. 


He has been involved in system analysis and requirements gathering with clients, technical system design and architecture, software solution delivery and support, as well as training, mentoring and management of software development teams. He has a history of successfully delivering large development projects that have seen adoption and integration of new technologies. For the last seven years Ashley has been responsible for Pulse product development and more recently, headed up the .Net redevelopment effort.

Ashley is a Mechanical Engineer has strong mining/construction domain knowledge from more than twenty years intimate involvement with the mining and construction industries. Prior to his time at Pulse, Ashley worked in the civil construction industry successfully tendering for and project managing large construction projects throughout Australia.

When Ashley is not developing software solutions with the Pulse team, he likes to spend time with his wife and three young children, enjoy good food and wine and keep trying to get his golf handicap down to scratch.