Bruce Davies

Bruce Davies

Centennial Coal

Technology & Innovation Lead

Bruce Davies

Bruce Davies, formerly the Process Engineering Superintendent at Centennial Coal (Fassifern), was a central collaborator in the world-first co-creation and implementation of analytics dashboards integrating real-time underground machine data with ERP data at Centennial Coal's 30-year-old Springvale site (near Lithgow NSW).


Within weeks, the deployment of real-time KPI visualisations for the optimisation of mining production at Springvale delivered millions of dollars in productivity gains and ultimately accelerated cultural change from the frontline throughout the organisation.

The story of company-wide digital transformation, starting from one team-led innovation initiative at a single site, shows how and why real-time BI dashboards were subsequently adopted across all Centennial sites, visualising broader aspects of business performance to produce exponential benefits for Centennial. It also shows how Bruce's career with Centennial has evolved to focus on technology and innovation after 30 years of mining industry experience, rising through the ranks from a trade apprenticeship to his current leadership role in the continuous improvement of today's extremely efficient Centennial business.

Demonstrating the remarkable shift from a former NSW government-owned, old-school mining business to a world-class example of best practice in digitally-enabled business management, Bruce Davies credits Centennial's deep collaboration with Australian METS-sector partners for many of the company's advancements in recent years.

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