Francisco Malta

Francisco Malta

VM Industrials


Francisco Malta

Francisco has a history of pioneering new territories and commercialising unchartered business opportunities globally. 

Having begun his career in the Financial sector, with experience in European, Russian, Japanese and Australian derivatives markets, Francisco founded a brokerage firm in Geneva in 2002. 

His decision to return to Australia in 2014 coincided with launching a venture in fuel performance additives. 

His company VM Industrials represents the Aderco Group Switzerland; an industry-leading Green Renewable Technology manufacturer with 40 years experience in this field. 

VM Industrials has successfully delivered financial efficiencies through this ground-breaking green technology, delivering consistent value to their clients.

Today, VM Industrial’s client portfolio includes mining, shipping, fuel suppliers and State Government assets Australia-wide.

Francisco enjoys meeting people, understanding their perspectives and finding common ground with partners, clients and collaborators. 

He lives in Sydney with his wife, has adult children at university and enjoys extensive travel and entertaining.

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