Luca Giacovazzi

Luca Giacovazzi

Chief Executive Officer

Wyloo Metals

Luca Giacovazzi is the Chief Executive Officer of Wyloo Metals, which manages a diverse portfolio of wholly-owned mining projects, exploration opportunities and cornerstone investments in public and private companies in Australia and Canada. Wyloo Metals owns Canadian-based Ring of Fire Metals, formerly Noront Resources, which was acquired by Wyloo Metals in early 2022. 

Luca is passionate about sustainably developing mining and metal production projects that support the green energy transition, and doing so in partnership with First Nation communities.

Luca was previously at Credit Suisse, where he successfully completed numerous metals and mining transactions in Australia and internationally. 

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Chartered Accounting) from the University of Johannesburg, a Master of Management from the University of Sydney and a Master of International Management from the London School of Economics (CEMS).

Luca is a Director of Ring of Fire Metals and former Non-executive Director of Vimy Resources.

Luca Giacovazzi