Mohan Yellishetty

Mohan Yellishetty

Associate Professor and Co-Founder Critical Minerals Consortium

Monash University

Assoc Prof Yellishetty possesses two decades of promising research and altruistic academic career in Australia, USA and India which enabled me to develop a broad skills base in all aspects of the mining cycle. 

He has been involved with mining education for nearly two decades and conducted a fair amount of research in this discipline. His research and academic work experience at Monash University and CSIRO, Australia, Yale University, USA and IIT Bombay, India have provided him with the opportunity to undertake high-quality research work and to contribute significantly to mining engineering discipline and publish widely in reputed high impact journals.

A/Prof Yellishetty has been working with several Australian and Indian mining companies and universities. This has directly led to a number of MoUs / contract research agreements/projects under negotiation between Monash University and others.

A/Prof Yellishetty’s research has positively influenced both public policy and industrial practice. His major disciplinary public service contributions include:

  • Testifying on “Critical Minerals’ Supply Chains” to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Australia
  • Contributing to the report released by the Minister for Resources, Senator the Honourable Matt Canavan, entitled “Critical Minerals in Australia”
  • Testifying on “Mine Rehabilitation” to the Australian Senate Standing Committees on Environment

His teaching philosophy combines a solid theoretical background backed by real-world examples, through the integration of field-based, project-based and hands-on learning experiences for his students. He pioneered the use of a variety of pedagogical practices, such as developing industry-centric curriculum and industry-based learning to achieve effective teaching-learning outcomes that not only contributed to the strong student engagement but have prepared the students for employment within the Australian and the global mining industry. His teaching and research (both discipline-specific and pedagogical) are mutually informing, complementary and inseparable. He strongly believes that excellence in teaching involves constantly re-evaluating what and how he is teaching, and continually striving for the most creative and effective methods to maximize student learning and student success.

A/Prof Yellishetty co-founded the Critical Minerals Consortium at Monash University.

Mohan Yellishetty