Russell Menezes

Russell Menezes

Chief Executive Officer


Russell, the CEO and co-founder of RadiXplore, began his career as a geologist. During this phase, he recognised the pervasive data management challenges within the resources sector. As he progressed in his career, he transitioned into the roles of a data scientist and software developer. He established RadixGeo, a consultancy committed to enhancing data management procedures in the resources domain through the application of robotic process automation and machine learning. 

Subsequently, he gave rise to RadiXplore—an AI platform harnessing deep learning, natural language processing, and large language models. This platform empowers resource-oriented organisations to optimise their workflows for prospect generation and exploration by effectively utilising unstructured data. Russell's efforts not only revolutionised resources exploration through RadiXplore but also involve exploring its potential across various facets of the resources value chain.

Russell Menezes

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