Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor

Komatsu Australia

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor has over 30 years in the earthmoving industry and commenced with Komatsu Australia in 2004 as General Manager of the Construction business.   

Since 2011, Sean has been the Managing Director and CEO of Komatsu Australia Holdings and Komatsu Australia.  Komatsu Australia comprises 3,500 employees across Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Indonesia. Sean is a Global Executive Officer of Komatsu Limited, a public company of approx. 70,000 employees registered on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He is also a Director of Komatsu Forklift Australia, Mineware Pty Ltd and Immersive Technologies.

Sean’s vision is for Komatsu Australia to become indispensable to its customers. Success is defined through four critical areas:  Zero harm to people and our world, Sustainable business growth, Employer of choice and Innovating customer’s operations through our products and people.

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