Australian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC)


Australian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC)

The Australia India Chamber of Commerce (AICC) was established in response to a call from private enterprise for an organisation aimed at facilitating dialogue between businesses in Australia and India. As a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation, the AICC is member-driven while benefiting from several strategic partnerships including various departments of the Australian Government and the Indian High Commission.

The AICC is focused on three central pillars: advocacy, innovative exchange and collaboration.

"It is time that boardroom discussions progress from a dialogue of 'Why India?' and engage the question of 'How India?'," Ms Anoushka Gungadin, CEO.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, the AICC is led by a National Board and Executive team, and has AICC representatives located in each State of Australia. In addition, the AICC continues to develop National Industry Groups which are sector focussed and have members in all States of Australia and from India.


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