Chile Australia Chamber of Commerce


Chile Australia Chamber of Commerce

Chilean delegation including AUSCHAM, SONAMI, AndesMETS, Aprimin, and ProChile, with the main goal of highlighting Chile’s leadership in the global mining industry. This joint effort shows a robust ecosystem that includes both the public and private sectors.

AUSCHAM, the Chilean-Australian Chamber of Commerce, promotes collaboration between Chile and Australia, facilitating the exchange of mining knowledge and technologies. SONAMI, the National Mining Society, groups together the main representatives of Chile’s small, medium, and large mining companies, leading initiatives for improving the competitiveness of the sector. AndesMETS is an organization that groups together mining supply companies that develop innovative solutions and technologies and supports them in their processes of internationalization. APRIMIN, the Association of Mining Industrial Suppliers, represents companies that supply goods and services to the mining sector, promoting business excellence and ethics, and ProChile is the governmental agency that facilitates the internationalization of Chilean companies, promoting the export of products and services to different international markets.

Chile is globally recognized for its excellence in mining. Our participation in IMARC 2024 underscores our commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and global competitiveness. The Chilean delegation to IMARC represents Chile’s leadership in the transformation of challenges related to opportunities, promoting sustainable and prosperous development for the mining industry, and sharing our best practices with the world.

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