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Contact Harald is a technology and design company that creates products that help businesses enhance the workplace. We're Australian-born, with a footprint in 19 countries. Our technology is proven and trusted by organisations, businesses and governments worldwide.

Humanising technology is at our core. We're committed to future-focused technology, innovating to create solutions that help teams work better together. Using the best tech in our designs, we deliver user-friendly, easy-to-integrate, and highly effective answers to the challenges faced by businesses globally. Quietly working in the background, our technology solutions feel so real that they naturally become part of our customer's day-to-day.

Our primary products, Find Harry and Ask Harry, offer a potent mix of AI and location technology that delivers simple yet highly effective solutions for many operational and safety problems businesses face.

Find Harry is a networked location system that helps improve safety and efficiency by providing a clear picture of workers' whereabouts. Additionally, the system pinpoints tools, equipment, inventory and assets with high accuracy.

Ask Harry is a voice-operated intelligent AI assistant that helps enhance safety and productivity. The technology is voice controlled, which means access is as simple as a phone or two-way radio call and is available in multiple languages.

When combined, the products become the mining sectors' missing safety and productivity link.

From efficient equipment, materials and safety management; to the need for quick and reliable communications, our technologies help mining companies meet those challenges with ease, speed and multilingual capabilities. Mine personnel can access job information, directions and safety updates with a call to Ask Harry. With Find Harry's network of beacons and tags, users can view a digital heat map showing the location of onsite mining equipment and the last known whereabouts of personnel. In an emergency, those nearby will have ready access to escape routes if necessary, along with safety updates through their mobile phones or two-way radios immediately.

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