Fleet Space Technologies is Australia's leading space company. Fleet operates from a state-of-the-art HQ in Adelaide, South Australia, and has recently expanded internationally to the US, both of which are global centres of excellence in space and advanced aerospace technologies. At Fleet, we are Explorers with a mission to connect the Earth, Moon and Mars, and our team has rapidly grown to over 80 employees in the last 6 months.

Fleet designs, builds and operates a constellation of micro satellites which delivers universal connectivity across the globe. Following an oversubscribed funding round, Fleet will continue to build a constellation of 288 satellites. Recently, Fleet launched ExoSphere, a solution for the mineral exploration industry providing lightning fast, highly scalable 3D mapping solutions to pinpoint minerals and increase accuracy in drilling targets. This cutting-edge technology is already helping the world transition to clean-air mobility technologies by creating a faster, more sustainable and less expensive route to finding critical mineral deposits.

ExoSphere is an end-to-end service offered to mineral exploration customers that will decrease the time it takes to find a deposit. Fleet’s sensors, the Geodes, are deployed in a survey area and leverage real-time passive seismic methods to 'scan' the land beneath searching for minerals. This is enabled through unobtrusive Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT) which listens to seismic waves. This is then rapidly processed and transmitted through Fleet’s low power satellite network.

Since launching ExoSphere in March 2022, Fleet has signed contracts with over 20 customers based in Australia and North America including Oz Minerals, Core Lithium and Talon. Fleet's ExoSphere technology is contributing to solve the pressing global priority to decarbonise mobility and find more than $13trillion USD worth of minerals required for the energy transition.

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