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Accounting for Non-Financial risk and opportunity since 1998.
We offer a best practice Environmental and Sustainability Accounting solution. A clear return on investment in our service and system by way of reduced costs from external audit and assurance services and reduced burden on internal resources – without even quantifying the value-adds? We guarantee to reduce reporting and audit headaches.
The Road to Sustainability, Resilience and Innovation
Sustainability reporting measures the impact of your company’s activities on the environment, society and the economy. As global expectations and regulations begin to shift, now more than ever, businesses need to increase certainty by positioning for responsive and smooth transitions. The days of measuring corporate success solely on profit are behind us. It's time to look at the bigger picture.
When it comes to sustainability, turning ambition into action is key. We provide an efficient and value-adding reporting and consultancy service to companies requiring Sustainability reports, Corporate Social Responsibility reports (CSR) and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) accounting and disclosure. Whilst not mandated in most countries CSR or ESG reports are increasingly required – not only for communication, but as a formal disclosure of non-financial risk that is scrutinized by analysts, the capital markets, NGOs and activists amongst others.
A CSR report outlines a company’s Significant Impact (SI) and its progress in meeting its environmental and social sustainability goals.
An ESG Disclosure details the impact of ESG issues on the companies Enterprise Value Creation (EVC) and the management of associated Risks and Opportunities.
A sustainability report encompasses, more broadly, a company's practices of measuring, and disclosing information about material risks and opportunities, relevant to internal and external stakeholders.
At Greenbase, we have developed a standard approach to implementing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for CSR and Sustainability, and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) disclosures for ESG. We create efficiencies by accounting for both in a single data stream. We can help:
•    Identify context, boundaries and materiality
•    Determine relevant reporting frameworks and standards
•    Collate, manage and validate data-sets
•    Calculate secondary ESG and sustainability data
•    Maintain data and reports in our online system
•    Present data on dashboards
•    Support ongoing performance tracking, and
•    Provide audit support
We can also produce sustainability reports in other formats to comply with the requirements of specific stock exchanges and business analysts. Referencing SASB and the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) is a reliable path if you are disclosing or intend to disclose against TCFD goals.
CSR/ESG reports do more than just meet stakeholder demands;they empower companies to go beyond compliance to improved productivity, lower costs reduced risk, enhanced opportunities and growing environmental stewardship.
We have a long history of providing non-financial accounting and reporting services to the mining and extractive sector. We identify, collect, account and help disclose data for over 70 miners covering 200 of Australia’s largest mine sites across all commodities.

Thanks to our unique environmental and sustainability accounting platform, IGAN™, we can take the headache out of reporting and empower our mining clients to go beyond compliance to improved productivity, lower costs and grow environmental stewardship.

We understand mining and can help you measure, manage and disclose. Our focused services include:

Sustainability Reporting (CSR, ESG etc.)
National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) and Safeguard - Australia
National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) - Australia
GHG assessments including Scope 3 calculation
Baseline calculation and tracking your Net Zero pathways
We can also contribute to other obligations, such as:

Annual Environmental Report (AER)
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)
Mine Closure Plan Mining Rehabilitation Fund (MRF)
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

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