Pleasure Point Mine


Pleasure Point Mine

RAIC is an asset and funds manager, creating dual-return investment products accessible to everyone. We offer 10-12% net fixed interest p.a. and you get your share of 15% equity in the company. The funds manager for this offer is Responsible Entity Services Limited ACN 116 489 430 (RES), which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) #299024, and is the issuer of interests in the schemes to which it operates. RES has registered the Investors Exchange Fund ARSN 127 384 767 and the Investors Exchange Investment Fund ARSN 120 933 093 with ASIC. General warning: In accordance with the provisions of RES's license authorisation, RES wishes to advise the following in relation to any advice it has given or is likely to give you either orally or in writing or by any other means RAIC is an investment manager and VC enterprise. We specialise in developing high-yielding investment opportunities with a strong preference for mortgage-backed securities. Our unique approach to lending and investing is to work collaboratively with our project partners and investors. By understanding the specific needs of both parties we help create bespoke investment opportunities that can achieve the goals and needs of everyone involved. We are developing a mixture of retail and wholesale offerings with a select group of developers, land owners and business owners (our project partners). Our aim is to deliver opportunities to investors to earn above-average returns by offering access to products with a mixture of fixed interest and profit sharing.

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