We are The Export Promotion Bureau - ProChile - of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in charge of promoting exports of products and services from the country, in addition to contributing to the dissemination of foreign investment in Chile and the promotion of tourism. We put at the service of the country all the knowledge and information necessary to facilitate and accompany the internationalization process of exporting companies and companies with export potential. Our management seeks to intensify productive promotion and associative work between companies, involving the public and private sectors to contribute to the growth and development of the country. We have a national network made up of 16 Regional Directorates located in each of the regions of the country that contribute to decentralization, and which are also meeting spaces for the export sector. Likewise, we have an external network made up of 57 Commercial Offices strategically located in the most important markets in the world, open to anyone who needs our services. All of them have qualified professionals who are constantly monitoring the opportunities, trends and demands of the markets, in addition to linking our exportable offer with importers, distributors and key opinion leaders in their countries. Along with contributing to the development of the country, our work transmits the image of Chile in the world so that our products and services are not only recognized for their quality, but also for their origin and other attributes such as our people, geography, climates, political stability. , social and economic, etc.

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