TBM Consulting Group

At TBM Consulting we are involved in improving the entire mining process, from tunneling, mining, processing, smelting and just-in-time delivery to the customer.

With the TBM approach to Lean Mine Construction and Operational Excellence approach, mining companies and suppliers can:

  • Complete mine construction on time and within budget
  • Begin generating revenue faster
  • Improve worksite organization and safety
  • Create effective planning and project management
  • Efficiently use assets and machinery
  • Improve supply chain management
  • Eliminate scheduling overruns and reduced costs

TBM can help you create a system that includes tools to support the design, planning, execution, improvement, and control of your construction projects. Our management goes from project design to delivery. We are committed to helping you improve productivity, costs, safety, and delivery times, while ensuring that your customers and stakeholders receive the value they expect.

We specialize in operational excellence, supply chain management, human capital strategy, private equity value creation, digital manufacturing, and management system implementation. 

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