TPG Telecom

TPG Telecom is the second largest telecommunications company listed on the ASX.  With a strong challenger spirit and a commitment to delivering the best services and products to our customers we are driving competition and choice for businesses and consumers across Australia.

As a full-service telecommunications provider, TPG Telecom provides mobile, internet, business and fixed solutions. 

We serve consumers, small and medium businesses, government, corporate enterprises and wholesale customers offering a comprehensive portfolio of fixed and mobile products in the Australian telecommunications market.   

We operate a leading mobile network with over 5,600 sites covering more than 23 million Australians, and Australia’s second-largest fixed voice and data network, with more than 27,000km of inter-capital and metropolitan fibre networks as well as international transit capacity, and a 5G mobile network that is currently being rolled out.   

We deliver extraordinary solutions bringing the right future-ready products, people and partners together to solve core business problems, combining the robust reliability of a telco with the agility and service delivery needed for tomorrow’s enterprises.

Enable new possibilities with TPG Telecom’s Mobile Private Networks.

A Mobile Private Network from TPG Telecom delivers smart, purpose-built digital connectivity for complex business environments. In partnership with Nokia, we deploy a secure industrial-grade Mobile Private Network solution as a managed service over low or high spectrum band - to help provide more effective mission-critical operations for your enterprise.

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