Enabling the sustainable and efficient delivery of the natural resources essential to create a better future for our world.

Metals power the world. They are the backbone of our modern society. And metals are vital for a sustainable future too – copper for decarbonising and electrifying transport; lithium, nickel and cobalt for batteries and energy storage; iron and aluminium for the infrastructure to support widespread electrification. 

Today, much of the metal used each year is extracted from our earth, and that is set to continue for decades to come. That’s why our customers in the mining industry are transforming to more sustainable practices and striving for Net Zero emissions. 

And that presents an incredible challenge. How to get more of those metals from less. Less water, less waste, less energy and less CO2.

Here’s where Weir comes in. Our technologies are the beating heart of critical processes in mines across the globe. And we have made it our purpose to ensure the sustainable and efficient supply of the vital natural resources essential for a better world today, and for the future.

How? By challenging the norm with expertise in innovative engineering technology. Using our 150 years of experience of powering progress in the world’s major industries; by adapting and seeing things differently. Today our expertise and experience have never been more relevant as we help our mining customers transform, with technology to achieve the productivity and sustainability goals needed for us all to enjoy a low carbon future.

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