WEIR Motion Metrics

Weir Motion Metrics is the recently acquired AI hub for WEIR ESCO based in Canada; using its expertise in AI and computer vision to enhance mining safety and energy efficiency. We are a trusted partner in mining innovation since 1999.

Our optimization solutions analyze particle size data from the mine to the mill, adapting to shovels, loaders, conveyor belts, and haul trucks, all without interrupting production.

As a result, our clients reduce equipment downtime and increase performance by detecting lost GETs and wearout rates, analyzing particle size distribution, controlling volume, and detecting oversized material.

Products - 

ShovelMetrics™ Gen 3:

Inteligent monitoring of the performance and GET detection for mining shovels.


AI based Particle size monitoring in mining trucks and boulder alerts.

LoaderMetrics™ Gen 2:

AI and thermal imaging used for accurate detection of missing GETs in mining loaders.

BeltMetrics™ Gen 2:

Particle size analysis & bulk material monitoring on conveyor belts without cuts, calibration, or object scaling.

PortaMetrics™ Gen 2:

Portable device that utilizes image analysis technology to assess the particle size distribution of blasted rock piles.

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