Whitehaven Coal

Whitehaven Coal is the leading Australian producer of premium-quality coal. We operate four mines (three open-cut and one underground) to power highly-developed and emerging economies in Asia, helping our customers meet energy security and decarbonisation objectives. 

As the largest operator in the NSW Gunnedah coal basin, we're proudly local. Around 75% of our 2,500-strong workforce live in the communities around our operations and, as part of the community, we believe in helping our region grow. 

With multiple development projects, both in NSW and in Queensland, we are well-placed to continue supporting communities in regional Australia, and in our Asian region. 

Whitehaven Coal’s commitment to Indigenous recruitment 

We aim for a holistic approach to help empower local Indigenous communities, through initiatives including childhood education and support, education and training, and employment, to procurement and cultural awareness amongst our workforce. 

We believe the best way to support communities is to provide opportunities for stable, long-term employment. Our Indigenous employment strategy is one of the commitments outlined in our Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan. We are proud that 20% of employees at our Maules Creek mine and 11% of our total workforce identify as Indigenous – reflecting our broader Gunnedah Basin community where about 10% of the population identify as Indigenous.

From our leaders and employees to our community and our suppliers, we consciously act to enable equal opportunity.

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