At Beacon Events, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and creating a sustainable future.

While we understand the impact of exhibitions on the environment, our goal is to create memorable experiences that not only inspire, but also respect and preserve our planet for future generations.

Over the past number of years, we have worked continually with vendors, clients, and communities to promote sustainability in all aspects of our business.

We continue to review and update our sustainability policies to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of sustainable exhibition practices.

Continue reading to see some of the sustainability initiatives that took place at IMARC 2023 and that will be carried forward to 2024.


  • The venue for IMARC 2024 is powered by 25% renewable energy. Between 5-6% of this is generated by the ICC’s very own photovoltaic, array, one of the largest in the Sydney CBD. At over 500kW, it is capable of producing up to 1800 kWh per day, which is enough energy to power 160 average Australian homes.


  • Where possible, excess produce from IMARC is turned into nutritious meals for those in need.
  • The IMARC 2024 menu collection has sustainability in mind, with 30% vegan/ vegetarian/ low carbon, 30% red meat and 40% white meat.
  • The ICC Sydney grows a portion of its own micro herbs inhouse! Using a highly sustainable hydroponic system that has low water and energy needs, and is herbicide, pesticide and food-mile free.


  • Bulky dry goods from IMARC will be diverted to ICC PEF stream to be converted to biofuel. The ICC Sydney targets 75% operational waste diversion from landfill, improving its overall waste diversion to 68.4% (1686.14 tonnes), up from 65.2% in FY2022 (444.81 tonnes). During FY2023, ICC Sydney successfully met its waste diversion target of 75% in July (84.8%) and January (77%).
  • IMARC will provide 16 available waste streams to offer as many waste management alternatives as possible, improving our capacity to divert waste from landfill.
  • Waste streams include: general waste, comingled recycling, paper and cardboard, organics, packaging soft plastics, dry waste and PEF, glass bottles, cooking oil, hazardous waste, electronic waste, batteries, toner cartridges, coffee pods, metal recycling, E-waste, and container deposit scheme.
  • 100% of all organic waste collected that is not suitable for consumption at IMARC is transformed into compost or for use as an alternative fuel source.
  • Our venue will work with local community charities including ReLove and Pyrmont Cares to gift suitable excess exhibition goods to those in need, not only diverting bulky goods and promotional items from landfill, but also helping to make a difference to the community.


  • Sydney Water tap water refilling stations are provided across site with eco-friendly cups available, to help reduce plastic bottle waste.