Talk it Forward Dialogue

Talk It Forward Dialogue is a brand-new series, having the challenging conversations and discussing issues that will take the mining industry forward. 

The dialogue series features specialists in their fields providing an outsider’s perspective on the mining industry.

Discussing big issues including how to make the sector more transparent and accountable, indigenous and community partnerships, environmental and sustainable principles, and attracting the next generation and our future workforce to STEM.

The series will come to life at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Sydney from 31 October - 2 November 2023, with the brand-new Talk It Forward Dialogue Tables.

The Talk it Forward Dialogue Tables are 60-minute sessions within the open-aired Collaboration Arena featuring 10 industry leaders engaging in dialogue about industry’s softer topics that are hardest to address.

Attendees can sit around the main table to hear the dialogue or catch the conversation as it is broadcasted throughout the open theatre and surrounds.

Pressing topics related to Mining’s Commitment to ESG & the SDGs, Community Engagement, Trust & Social Value, and Mine Closure, Rehabilitation & Repurpose, Future Workforce & Readiness as well as Diversity & Inclusion will all be discussed. 

Conversations will include strategies for flexibility, requirements for future readiness, attracting the next generation of explorers and miners, how to engage local communities into the workforce, and the importance of leadership and culture.

Having the conversations that will take the industry forward