Conference Themes

Following months of in-depth conversations with industry, the reimagined conference program is more ambitious than ever, now featuring six concurrent conferences covering the entire mining value chain. Featuring more than 340 technical talks, panel discussions and strategic keynote presentations throughout the three days.

Gain strategic insights from c-suite executives on minimising disruptions and building resilience, progressing ESG, accelerating mining’s energy transition and the future workforce.

Whilst technical talks will delve into exploration, discovery and project developments, minerals processing, digital technology, and mining innovation. 

Accelerating the Energy Transition

The threat of climate change has meant that it isn't a question of “if” companies will make the energy transition, but instead, when, and how. To achieve net zero targets, climate resilience and decarbonisation strategies are being embedded across the mining value chain.

Embracing Digital Technology and Mining Innovation

Technology implementation and challenges and opportunities with analytics, AI and automation all remain of high interest to mining companies, especially as the application of such technologies and innovation continues to be strategically aligned with sustainability and shared value priorities.

Investing in Exploration and Project Developments

With several recent land releases, strong commodity prices, and plenty of projects in development and production phases, opportunity for the sector is postively changing the risk-appetite of investors. Exploration expenditure saw a surge in 2021 totalling $3.6 billion, up 28% from the previous years

Global Opportunities

Hosting the largest number of mining ministers and government officials from around the world. Ministerial addresses from participating countries will highlight their trade and investment opportunities and provide updates on new policies and plans for their mining jurisdiction. 

Minimising Disruptions and Building Resilience

The macro implications from COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions have been felt across the globe with major disruptions on supply chain, workforce, and operational costs. As industry looks to minimise disruptions, there is consensus to implement strategies that will build resilience within the sect

Progressing ESG and Strengthening Social Value

In a world of growing concerns around the environment, climate change and social impact, mining is in the spotlight now more than ever, placing critical focus on requirements for ESG, credibility and trust, a social license to operate, and sustainable mining practices. 

Redesigning the Mining Workforce and Culture

Major labour and skill shortages continue to exist across many areas of the mining value chain, made worse by recent COVID-19 implications and remote working challenges. In addition to the problem of attracting the next generation due to the negative perceptions of the industry and its culture.