Founding Partners

IMARC is developed in collaboration with its founding partners

The IMARC Founding Partner Advisory Committee brings together Australia's peak bodies to capatilise on shared knowledge, experience and reach to collaborate towards the overall success, ongoing growth and breadth of IMARC. The IMARC Founding Partners Advisory Committee strengthens engagement, between the industry, government, associations and builds a world class event with global reach here in Australia. The Founding Partners are the Victorian Government, Austmine, AusIMM and Mines and Money.

Victorian GovernmentJohn Krbaleski, Head of Resources

With minerals exploration and gold production at record levels, Victoria is on the international radar as a great place to invest and do business.

We boast an innovative mining equipment, technology and services sector with businesses looking to connect with new markets and Melbourne remains a hub for mining company headquarters.

On all fronts, Victoria is open for business.

We’re committed to socially and environmentally responsible minerals development and sharing the innovations of our mining support sector with the world.

Victoria's resources sector is going from strength to strength and the Victorian Government is right behind the industry to ensure its continued growth.

At IMARC 2022, the Victorian Government Pavilion will showcase the best of our mining and resources sector. It will be a place to connect with pioneering METS companies and hear about the state’s geoscience programs from geologists at the Geological Survey of Victoria.

Stop by and find out more about Victoria’s minerals prospects, innovations and unique investment potential.

AustmineChristine Gibbs Stewart, Chief Executive Officer

Austmine is very proud to be a Founding Partner of IMARC and we look forward to welcoming back an international audience as well as delegates from around Australia to what will be the largest IMARC to date.

IMARC's line-up of speakers is truly impressive and their participation is a testament to the excellent reputation which IMARC has established globally.

As the leading industry body for the Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector, we are proud to say that our members lead the way in innovative solutions and world class best practice. We will continue to champion the Australian METS sector to be the best in the world, and IMARC gives us an important platform to do this.

AusIMMStephen Durkin FAusIMM, Chief Executive Officer

AusIMM is the peak body for people working in the resources sector. We shape careers, showcase leadership, connect communities and uphold standards.

We represent a global community from 110 countries involved in all aspects of mining. We exist to support and advocate for everyone in the sector, from student to director, working at a desk, in the lab or in the field.

We look forward to connecting with the community once again at IMARC 2022 in November. As a Founding Partner of IMARC we are excited to be a part of this unique opportunity to share knowledge, insights and expertise on industry opportunities and innovations.

On behalf of AusIMM, thank you for supporting IMARC and we’ll see you in Sydney.

Mines and MoneyAnita Richards, Managing Director

Mines and Money events connect senior investors from institutional funds, private equity groups, family offices and sector analysts with mining corporate management teams from producers, explorers and developers around the world.

In response to COVID-19, we have now successfully launched our Mines and Money Online Connect series. Connecting via our online video meeting platform. Fully integrated with our existing meeting planner, investors and miners can continue to have face-to-face discussions.

Our online meeting platform is open 24 hours a day for the duration of the event allowing mining companies to meet investors from wherever they are in the world without having to leave home. The online platform is simple to use, secure and allows you to showcase your presentation and interact face-to-face with the investors as normal.

Enjoy pre-scheduled, time-zone based online meetings between mining companies and investors at Mines and Money Online Connect. Our concierge service delivers high-profile, event networking capabilities using our powerful, bespoke online meeting platform.

Mines and Money is the number one international event series for capital-raising and mining investment.